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What Albert Einstein says about Finding Purpose in life

Omar Elbaga

If you had the opportunity to ask Albert Einstein about finding Purpose in Life, What do you think Albert Einstein would say?

  • A) Purpose doesn’t matter.
  • B) What do you want to achieve?
  • C) Let me tell you what purpose really means.

Pick a choice to find out the true answer Albert Einstein actually gave.

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How to think like a genius to get what you want

Omar Elbaga

You ever wonder why the heck you think and do things the way you do?

  • Why didn’t I …?
  • Why the heck can’t I …?
  • Why does she …?

The reality is: we all think we’re normal because we all use different parts of our brain. I have a nice video training I recorded for you that will help you get some insight into why you do things the way you do. Understanding this could help you get to the next level and stop judging yourself.

What’s in this video?

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Do you think you only have 1 brain? Scientists say you have more…so just how many?
  • The different brains and which brain controls your personality and thinking
  • How switching brains from time to time can help you get what you want

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How to let go and feel the moment

Omar Elbaga

Have you ever wondered how to simply let go of pain and just feel the moment?

Sometimes you’re caught in this web of pain, that grows and grows and you can’t seem to shake the emotional pain. It stays with you and you carry it everywhere!

We face pain over many things.

While I don’t want to take away from the reality many of us may be facing right now, I want to shed light on a profound insight into releasing your emotional pain so that you don’t walk around with it all day.

There are so many invisible things happening around us that we don’t learn in school that are causing our pain to worsen each day.

The problem is: we just don’t know how to feel the moment

There’s a way to remove the emotional pain you feel if you trust and believe in this.

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What triggers you

Omar Elbaga

Has something ever caught your attention, almost instantly and automatically.

You didn’t even have to think.

You reacted, or even felt a feeling, almost instantaneously, and you had no control over your reaction. It was an automatic response.

If you’re like us humans this has happened to you in many different ways. Someone said something and you instantly got motivated. Or, someone said something and you instantly lost all your motivation.

Not just words. Anything can cause you to react: something you saw like a video, picture, something you smelled, tasted, touched, or heard.

Guess what happened to you?

You got what science has called, “triggered.”

It’s real. It can be helpful at times, and other times, downright dangerous.

Read on to learn how triggers control you and how to master them.

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How to change everything

Omar Elbaga

There’s no doubt that we’re affected by everything that happens to us, and can we change that? YES!

People say and do things to you. You find yourself in an undesirable circumstance.

You set out for a big goal and BAM something hits you.

These struggles we face daily create emotions inside us. We react. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative. In ways that may or may not serve our long term goals in life.

So what do we do when we’re hit with something that shakes us?

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The Matrix of the mind

Omar Elbaga

No matter what you’re struggling with – mastering your mind is the most important thing because without that you’ll get blown by the wind.

The mind affects everything.

Let me explain how you can control your life by understanding this most important concept in life: The Matrix.

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It’s time to get strong

Omar Elbaga

What’s the difference between someone with high self esteem and someone who doesn’t believe in himself?

Some people constantly overcome daily challenges and their surroundings while others get stuck and consumed by their environment?

Watch this video to start getting mentally strong.

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How to Make a game plan and follow through

Omar Elbaga

Have you ever set a goal and thought, wait, “how do I achieve this goal?”, “How do I know if I’m doing the right things?”

What if you could figure out exactly what you need to do next to achieve your overall goal?

There are too many “gurus” shouting a whole lot about the importance of setting goals and believing you can achieve them but they leave out the most important aspect: What do you do when your plan falls apart?

What do you do when you’re confused? Which way do you go? How much information should you gather? 

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How I lost weight eating nothing but Fast Food for a month and documented my experience for the world to see …

Omar Elbaga

Can your body lose weight while eating even the worst foods? Can your body overcome “unhealthy” foods when you do everything else right?

I went on a quest to test whether someone could actually lose weight while eating nothing but fast food for a month – but maintaining exercise and the right mental conditioning. It worked… beyond anything I ever expected. Here’s the story…

Watch the free 70 minute documentary created out of the experiment.

Cholesterol documentation


Fast Food Revolution


Waist measurements

Before: 41 in  After: 38.5 in

Body Weight

Before: 209.5 lb  After: 199.5 lb

Dear friend,

WARNING: This documentary has affected thousands of people in many different ways. The majority were really excited about the published results, while others accused me of “secretly” working with fast food chains to promote junk food and reprimanded me for “promoting” fast food.

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3 lessons Hurricane Sandy taught us in the absence of entertainment and technology

Omar Elbaga

We all heard about the powerful impact Sandy would have on our cities a few days before it hit, but many of us didn’t pay enough attention.

We thought, we’ll just get through this, as we posted Facebook status updates and instagramed funny photos on our juiced up iPhones and Macs. Awaiting the next episode of our favorite television show and watching funny youtube videos we turned a blind eye.

It wasn’t until the howling winds, burning houses, entire boardwalks washed away, homes underwater, thousands evacuating, swinging cranes from the sky, that you stopped and pondered. Actually, it really wasn’t until your power went out, and your phone finally died for good, that you thought “Holy Crap!”

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